Benefits of Investing in Direct Mutual Fund

Benefits of Investing in Direct Mutual Fund

The biggest advantage of investing in Direct Mutual Fund is that you can avail direct benefit of the money that goes from your investment to the agent as commission in it .

Generally the fees of Direct Mutual Fund and Regular Mutual Fund can vary from 1% to 2%, And in the long run it can be a difference of 1% to 2% in lakhs, You can understand the difference in this video by looking at how big an investment can make from 1% .

Caution Required While Investing in Direct Mutual Fund

Let us talk about the kind of caution that needs to be taken while investing in a direct mutual fund, because now anyway there are advantages of investing in a direct mutual fund and then everyone should invest in the direct mutual fund scheme.  But no, it is not so .

Investing in Direct Mutual Fund is right only if you 

  • Know fully which fund you want to invest in,
  • When you know how to manage your portfolio,
  • When you fully understand the risk of investing in mutual funds,
  • When you know how to make some changes in that mutual fund scheme, and
  • How and when to sell a better profit from the Mutual Fund Scheme,
  • On the other hand, if you cannot do all this then it is better for you to go to a good SEBI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor's and invest in a regular mutual fund, because if you invest in a regular Mutual fund then you have something special There are benefits .
For Example :
  • You are told which mutual fund you should invest in,
  • Your agent gives you the necessary information about your portfolio .
  • You can consult your agent about investing .
  • The agent helps you in case of some change or any other kind in Mutual Fund Scheme .
So till now it became clear that what is Direct Mutual Funds, what are its benefits and what precautions should you take while investing in it .

Now let's talk about How you can invest in Direct Mutual Fund ?

Note that to invest in Direct Mutual Fund as I said earlier, you have to either go to the nearest office or branch of the mutual fund company and choose the option of Direct (DIRECT) while filling the form of the mutual fund.

Or if you can start investing on the mutual fund company's website or through the mobile application of the mutual fund company,

For more information, the mutual fund scheme you have to invest in, talk to the customer care of that company once, or go to their website and know about it….

Apart from this, nowadays there are many other options which give you the option to invest in Direct Mutual Fund quickly and easily .


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