How to Add a Mutual Fund Nominee?

Mutual Fund Nominee is in a way the heir of an investor of a mutual fund, in fact the Mutual Fund Nominee is the person to whom the money deposited in that mutual fund is given in the event of the death of an mutual fund investor. .

So in today's post, I am going to talk to you in detail about this Mutual Fund Nominee, in this post we will know - What is Mutual Fund Nomination? And why is it so important to add a nominee to a mutual fund? And how can you add a nominee to a mutual fund?

Meaning of Mutual Fund Nominee

Mutual Fund Nominee means - the heir to the amount deposited by the mutual fund investor in the mutual fund .

SEBI Rules for Mutual Fund Nomination

As per Rule 29 (A) of SEBI Mutual Funds Regulation 1996, the facility of adding a nominee is provided by all mutual fund companies, and in this way the amount deposited in the mutual fund is given to the nominee only in the event of death of the mutual fund investor. 

Why is it so important to add NOMINEE to the Mutual Fund?

Adding Nominee to Mutual Fund is therefore very important because the first thing is that if someone who invests in a mutual fund, and does not register the nominee's name in that mutual fund,

So after the death of that mutual fund investor, there can be many problems in getting the investment money to its proper heirs,

So in case of any untoward, it is very important that the mutual fund investor should get the nominee in the mutual fund as soon as possible in order to get the money of the mutual fund investment.

Secondly, registering Mutual Fund Nominee is a very simple way,

Let us know that - whom can you register as a nominee and How?

Who can be Mutual Fund Nominee?

Note that according to the rules made by SEBI, any one of the following persons can be a nominee of your mutual fund investment -

1) The only person who is more than 18 years of age,

2) A person is less than 18 years of age, he can also be made a nominee, (but for this, mother and father have to take consent,)

3) Mutual Fund Nominee can be any NRI,

E) Central Government / State Government etc., as Mutual Fund Nominee .

How to register a Mutual Fund Nominee?

Mutual Fund Nominee can be registered in two ways -

Mutual Fund Nominee online Registration - To do online nominee registration in mutual fund, after visiting the website of the mutual fund from which you have purchased this plan, you can login to your account and go to the option of editing in your profile. You can register Fund Nominee .

If you face any problem in registering a nominee, you can also get help by calling the customer care of the mutual fund, besides visiting the nearest office of that mutual fund, get help about online nominee registration. 

Mutual Fund Nominee Offline Registration -To do offline nominee registration in Mutual Fund, you have to go to the nearest office of Mutual Fund and fill a nominee form . And in this way you can register a nominee in the mutual fund.


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